Possible Customization of Chargers​

MEC Charger options that can be ordered separtely

Customer-defined charge parameters

Please note that you can order exactly defined charging parameters that you need. Based on the specification, our experts will create special charge profiles and produce the charger accordingly. Our charges can have up to 4 profiles, each of the can contain up to 8 charging phases.

Multiple charging profiles

Need to charge more than one type of batteries like Lead, Li-ion or LiFePO4 batteries? You can use only one charger to charge all of the batteries with multiple charging profiles which you can select.

Need to have occasional fast charging, besides the normal charging profile? We can prepare customized charging profiles which you will be able to select before the charging.

CAN-Bus Interface

The CAN bus standard is used in practically all vehicles and many machines. On the customer special request, CAN-bus can be integrated into most of our battery chargers. 

Drive-inhibit port

Most of our chargers can be equipped with the Drive-inhibit port, which will prevent situation that the equipment would be used, while still connected to the wire

Remote Display

Optionally we can equip the charger with Remote Display interface for mission-critical batteries, allowing you to control the state of the battery.

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